Elk Creek’s Pre-Hunker Down Sale — Our Hiatus Begins Soon

We are getting ready to lock our gate and hunker down at the Rawles Ranch. To minimize our number of trips into town to mail out antique gun orders, I’ve decided to run a special sale for just the next 48 hours. I’ve reduced prices on most of my guninventory. Following this sale I will temporarily cease taking any orders – for at least two weeks and possibly until the end of June. This sale ends at midnight, Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 31st. So get your Elk Creek Company order in soon!

Note that I still have about 80 nice hand-picked pre-1899 cartridge guns in inventory. Nearly all of these are nice shootable antiques, chambered in cartridges that are still factory made by a variety of manufacturers.  The antique gun prices range from $200 and up.

So that I won’t have to go pick up mail nor wait for check clearance, I must insist that all orders for this two day sale be paid by credit card. Thanks!

I always include bonuses with every order. These bonuses vary, but might include any of the following:

  • A gun case, sling, butt pad, or holster.
  • A waterproof SurvivalBlog archive 16GB USB stick. (Now out of production.)
  • An autographed copy of one of the books that I authored.
  • Some ammunition (only for orders shipped via UPS or FedEx.)
  • A spare part for the gun that you ordered.
  • An accessory for the gun that you ordered.
  • A reprint of a reference article on the gun that you ordered.
  • An original 1890s publication.
  • Gun or scope cleaning supplies.
  • The no-longer-produced and now hoarded NECCO wafer candies.

Again I won’t accept any orders after midnight Tuesday, so get your Elk Creek Company order in soon!

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