Use This Time To Get Ready For The Coming Second Wave Of This Virus

by MSB regular, ” rb308 “

In no way trying to promote any form of “doom and gloom” as the current objective is to get through the first wave of this virus.

And I realize it would just be preaching to the choir here, but I really hope all those newer to prepping and just getting into it now are giving serious consideration to what a second wave of this virus in the fall/winter could potentially look like.

Getting ready for the second wave

As bad as this first round was, heading into it we had a relatively strong economy (though this could be argued), low unemployment rate (especially compared to now), and stocked shelves.

Imagine now repeating the last several months STARTING with food/supply shortages in the stores, high unemployment rate, increased crime (which I think we’ll start to see as this continues), and hungry/upset/unprepared masses.

I’ve heard a lot of people on here use the same term “filling holes in my preps”. This couldn’t be any more true for the wife and I as well.

Things could be exponentially worse

If (or when) there is a second wave things could be exponentially worse than they are right now.

The next couple months —

— could be many people’s opportunity to prepare for what could make the last 2 months look like a vacation.

When I first found Ken’s site I just kind of hung back and took in as much as I could until a specific post triggered something that told me I had to actually stop looking and reading and start doing.

On the fence?

Hope that anyone out there that’s on the fence right now about becoming more prepared uses this current situation to get ready for what may be coming down the pipeline…

~ rb308


Thanks for the comment, ” rb308 “. I couldn’t agree more.

You bring up a very important insight. Which is why I’m posting this here today: Now is our chance to get ready for round two. The second wave of this virus. And that one may likely be very much more damaging…

How so?

I am not necessarily suggesting that the next wave (this Fall? or maybe even sooner?) will have more Covid-19 cases and deaths than round one (maybe it will – maybe it won’t). But what I am suggesting is the high likelihood of the situation affecting our lives in more damaging ways, given what has already happened to date (and the follow-on effects that will continue to happen).

It has been my recent opinion that we are probably heading into a Greater Depression era. This Covid-19 has been the pin to pop the balloon. The damage has been done.

I do not see a way out right now. Tens of Millions out of work. Businesses crushed. Government throwing $Trillions at the problem will not even begin to touch the underlying issues here. Shortages of many things, and foods. An upcoming major political election. In my view there is civil unrest coming too.

Months from now, if this Covid-19 begins to spike again, can you possibly imagine how much worse our lives will be affected than they already are?

Hey, maybe the virus will just go away. Maybe our governments will suddenly release us from bondage. Perhaps the tens of millions will be called back to their old jobs lickety-split. Supply chains will back-fill without issue. The markets will stabilize. And we’ll all be back to “Disney Land”.

Okay, if you believe that, well, alrighty then. Being realistic, I don’t believe it. We might be looking back on today as “good times”.

I’m speaking to those who are relatively new to preparedness. Don’t let normalcy-bias cloud your critical thinking. Things are increasingly difficult to procure. It’s not going to get easier. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

If there is a lull with this virus during the upcoming summer months (not sure how that will work out), then take advantage — continue to prepare. Because if it hits again this Fall, oh my my…

Precedents have been set. Clamp downs will be even worse next time (assuming we’re released before then). Not to mention even more job loss, more financial devastation, more supply chain breakage.

Things are happening right now in virtually all supply chains which would take a very long time to stabilize “if” things suddenly went back to normal. So please understand that when things don’t go back to normal, come this Fall and Winter, supply acquisitions are going to be much, much more difficult. The real economy will likely be in total devastation meltdown. Many tens of millions will be in dire straits. It’s not a pretty picture.

Do what you can to become more self reliant and prepared for the probable upcoming second wave of this virus – whenever that may be. If instead we all return to “Disney Land”, well, you will have lost nothing by your preparedness. You will have become a more self reliant human being. The way it should be…

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