The Upcoming 2020 Election | What Are They Going To Do About Biden?

Will Biden be nominee?

I can’t wait any longer. I know it’s early (sort of) being 6 months out. However I have some thoughts that are concerning. Not the least of which is this…

Joe Biden | What are they going to do about him?

Joe Biden. Most everyone knows that he is not fit to be president. It is sad to watch and listen to him as his aged demeanor presents itself so vividly. The powers-that-be within the “Democrat” party are quite obviously trying to keep him out of view – minimizing public exposure.

I cannot believe that they will go through with him being their nominee. I just can’t. He will get absolutely crushed in any debate with Trump. It will be a “blood bath”. Plus he’s in trouble with the Ukraine thing (along with his son) and a sexual assault. He’s just not going to make it. So what are they going to do?

I have not written a politically charged article in a while. But I can’t ignore this. Given the extreme anti-Trump sentiment (actually, it’s better said as “hate”) in the mainstream media (and the deep powers-that-be), and given all of their attempts these past 3.5 years to topple him, what are they going to do about it come November 2020?

What Combination Might They Put Forward?

As we all know, the United States is highly divided – thanks to many reasons which I will not get into here. That said, there is likely enough anti-Trump haters on “the left” to topple him in November “if” they can put forward a “exciting enough” combination to get out the vote.

Biden is NOT it. Even though he said he would choose a female VP, it won’t be enough in my opinion. If it was (enough), then you might as well assume whomever the VP is, will be the president.

I have been hearing rumblings of possibilities. Hillary (again). Michelle Obama. Others.

I am curious to hear your view on this. Who might they put forward for their best chances? Especially knowing that the mainstream news will “gush” over it… along with all of “Big Tech” platforms…

Will they rid themselves of Biden altogether? Then who?

When Trump Goes Down…

It could be a very real possibility “if” the other side sufficiently blames Trump for the Wuhan Flu, the (unfolding) economic collapse, and especially if they put forward a “exciting” combination for President / VP.

Do you have any idea how insane it could get around here if the powers-that-be succeed in taking him down and inserting what might be a extreme-left combination of power into the White House? Not to mention a democrat controlled legislature?

The pendulum will swing way, way over the other direction.

Our lives are already seemingly changed forever due to Wuhan Flu.

After November 3rd, watch out…

Okay, I couldn’t wait any longer to begin talking about November. My gut has been telling me that they are going to do something about the Biden situation. I just don’t know what. I’m curious to hear your opinion.

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