Americans Loading Up on Guns and Ammo

Guns Sales Records

Gun sales records are being smashed this year, 2020. There have been record numbers of background checks for the purchase of firearms.

It stands to reason given the environment today, that people want to protect themselves.

A report today reveals more than 2 million Americans became first-time gun owners this year, so far.

Firearms retailers estimated that 40 percent of their gun sales during the first four months of 2020 were to first-time buyers, according to a survey by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), an American national trade association for the firearms industry.

Personal Protection

Personal protection was the main driver leading to “more than 2.5 million new gun owners in a very short period of time,” the NSSF said.

Early in May I wrote about the gun sales records being smashed during that time. Evidently it hasn’t stopped. Rather sales are increasing. Good luck finding ammo too…

A few comments from around the web on this report:

Our country is at war with the antifa/commie/anarchist thugs who only want to destroy our great country. We as Americans need to protect ourselves from the terrorists that are trying to overthrow our government and way of life.

I was at the shop the other day and can attest to the fact lots of women are buying guns.. half the people there were women.

Ah…. I love the smell of liberty!

Not a surprise when the government won’t protect its own law abiding citizens.

This is the first time that I feel 2 AR-15’s are needed to be acquired for my family living in the suburbs.

Went with my Dad to buy his handgun at a local big-box store. He did manage to get one, but the display cases were nearly empty and the ammo shelves were all cleared out.

If it was not for the second amendment we would be completely at the mercy of the rioters, police are unable to control what is happening.

The America that is never reported on. Law-abiding, responsible, independent, self-sufficient, but ready to defend itself and others.

Yup. I no longer can trust the government to provide a safe environment for me and my family. I am taking matters in my own hands and protecting those I love myself.

While busy looting and rioting now, the left will go after our guns pretty soon so get them while you still can. Many Americans have apparently have noticed that.

The police are not your protection. That’s your job.

So, what are your thoughts on this?

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