Own A Gun For Home / Personal Defense? Best Tactics, Weapons?

tactics for home defense

Millions of new gun owners have purchased their first gun during these recent months. The primary reason has been for home / personal defense.

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Lots of guns being bought, no doubt most are being bought with home/personal defense in mind. Might consider a thread on what your readers/followers consider their primary reasoning’s for owning guns, what they see as the best tactics for home defense, what types of weapons are essential, how much ammo is enough, etc.

~ Dennis

3 Questions For Gun Owners

Presuming you own a gun or guns for home & personal defense, lets hear your opinions on any or all of the following questions:

What types of weapons are essential?

What are the best tactics for home defense?

How much ammo do you feel is generally enough?

Some additional considerations that I think about while running through hypothetical scenarios of tactics for home defense:

  • daytime event while at home, or catch in the act while coming home
  • nighttime event, likely much more dangerous
  • number of bad guys involved
  • where is the bad guy(s) right now, locate
  • who are they (e.g. druggy? just a thief? organized? other?)
  • what are they after, what do they want
  • my physical location during the moment when “it” happens, next tactical move
  • the state of current events
  • during “ordinary times” or SHTF times
  • layers of defense, last stop is the home
  • ways to deter
  • legality issues in my state, know the laws ahead of time, does state have castle doctrine or stand your ground law

An excellent online resource for gun related law in your state:

IMPORTANT! I highly advise that you read the following book. VERY eye-opening in the event that you are ever involved. It’s worth every penny, written by Attorney Andrew F. Branca

The Law of Self Defense: The Indispensable Guide To The Armed Citizen

There are lots of things to think about when running scenarios through your head for personal & home defense. It’s a good exercise to do this (think about it).

If I could only recommend one thing, I would suggest to simply carry. I do, as a habit here on the homestead. Be it while outside, inside, running an errand to the store. There’s a weapon on my belt.

Okay lets have some fun. Lets hear from you. Tactics for home defense? Which weapons / types? How much ammo?

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