The ‘NRP & Blue’ Donation Challenge

guest post by ‘NRP & Blue’

This weekend I’m proposing a MSB Donation Drive Challenge Weekend.

This will run from Thursday Afternoon (7/2/2020) till Sunday Afternoon the same time (7/5/2020), three days..

So first with the Disclosure:

1. NO I am not affiliated with MSB in any way.

2. I don’t know Ken via any means other than here on MSB, his Articles, and his Comments.

3. No I’m not trying to buy favors, any special treatment, or ANY Payments of any kind from Ken or MSB.

4. NO Ken did not prompt me in anyway.

Now before some Lurker or better yet some over intelligent Troll says “Well you must be rich and have all kinds of money” or “You MUST be getting something for this”….

WRONG, What I am, is very grateful to Ken and the many MANY hours AND money he spends on this Blog. If you have never ran a Blog (I have, 20+ years back when they were called Bulletin Boards) then you have zero idea the work & cash involved and the dedication Ken has here.

I also have been hanging around here for 6-7 years, maybe more. The Knowledge here is well worth a small donation. I have been very lax, again, in donations, but now is the time to make up for that a little.

So here’s the deal.

I am willing to match Dollar for Dollar Total Donations to MSB during the time stated above, up to $500.oo Total Donations.

Ken will notify me Monday the total donated, or if we met the $500.oo (my match amount), and I’ll settle up. He WILL NOT send who sent what, I don’t need to know.

So dig into that dusty wallet or purse and donate a few bucks, even $5.oo will help, I’ll match that $5.oo or ??? with $5.oo or ??? of my own, up to a total of 500.oo.

There is a ((( Donation Tab ))) where you can donate with any credit / debit cart.
It’s also at the bottom of each page on MSB.

Do NOT comment on how much you donated or this-or-that. Ken can/will run a total.

Thank you all in advance for helping to support MSB.

As an added Challenge this year, I’m going to Challenge those out there to submit a Monthly Article regarding Preparedness to further help Ken and MSB. Coming up with almost daily articles is a HUGE undertaking.

We have a Good Collection of very smart folks around; sharing some of their knowledge can only further help all of us.

NRP & Blue

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