OPSEC And Your Circle Of Friends, Family, Acquaintances

OPSEC stands for Operational Security. It can be very important. Especially during times like we’re experiencing today.

What is OPSEC? In short, it’s keeping your mouth shut. Keeping certain things, plans, topics, (whatever) — out of plain sight or conversation with others. In other words, it’s sort of keeping a secret (about whatever it is).

Prepping, preparedness, issues of security, and MANY other ‘things’. Maintaining good OPSEC may be more important than you may realize. Especially when it comes to your immediate circle of friends (and others) – even those you may trust to varying extents.

Your immediate circle of friends, family, or acquaintances whom you may trust. Here’s how it could happen…

You mention something to one of your inner circle. It seemed harmless enough to mention. After all, you trust that person not to blab to the whole world about it, right?.

Well here’s the thing… That other person might not have the same level of OPSEC or concern about that particular nugget of information as you do. That info ‘might’ inadvertently come out during another ‘harmless’ conversation with someone else from THEIR OWN circle of friends.

So now that information (whatever) has been revealed two levels out from you. Even if that person who is within the second ring of people (who now know the “nugget”) is not a blabbermouth, – that person might not realize the OPSEC value of the nugget of information that was casually revealed to them. And then that person ‘might’ inadvertently (or on purpose) reveal that information within THEIR OWN own circle (which would now make it three levels away from you).

All it takes is one person to potentially take advantage of that information to ‘ruin your day’ so to speak.

Loose lips sink ships. Ever had that one before?

I am speaking very broadly and generically. But I’m trying to explain how information can spread beyond your circle of trust, even inadvertently.

So how do you maintain good OPSEC? When it comes to certain things that may be better off ‘secret’, then maybe it’s best that you be very careful who you say ‘anything’ to.. if at all.

I’m not presenting a ‘paranoid’ type of suggested behavior, but I am suggesting that some things should be on a ‘need to know’ basis. Only YOU know what those things are.

So not only ‘think’ about what you say before you say it, but ‘think’ about WHO you say it to…

Unfortunately, today’s changing world may flip what once may have been “normal” or okay to do, say, or have — into something “bad” or even criminal. We see it happening all around us. Right now. Very sad.

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So for example, it may not be such a good idea for others to know that you’re “prepared” (to whatever extent). Or to mention to a buddy that you have 4,000 rounds of M855 (for example). To have your food storage inventory in plain view. Having your vehicle plastered with stickers indicating your ideology. I could go on. But you get the idea.

Listen, in many places throughout the country this isn’t really a huge deal (right now). You may be living in small town rural America among mostly like-minded liberty-loving individuals and families. However the politics and policies of this nation could change fast. Especially depending on the results this November election.

Food for thought.

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