What I Did To Prep This Week: November 29th 2020 – December 5th 2020

Hello, Pack. Winter weather seems to have arrived in Ohio. Despite the nasty chill and cold rain and snow, we got a lot of prepping done this week. We spent one day at the On Guard Defense gun range for an advanced training class, and to do some survival homesteading event planning.

At the On Guard Defense gun range and archery facility there is also a big meeting – multi-purpose room and a cafe. The grand opening of the cafe has faced lengthy delays thanks to the pandemic dictates of our tyrannical governor.

The featured image above showcases a private Krav Maga class in action. The enigmatic young woman conducting the training is holding an imitation knife to a much larger attacker’s throat as part of an exercise to teach him how to get out of such a potentially deadly situation.

As I have previously mentioned, my tribe and I have been working on a huge project. After a meeting at the county agricultural society last week, we garnered approval to hold the main area of the event at the fairgrounds.

Now that all of the basics are in place, I can finally share details about this exciting and unique self-reliance event with all of you. The Old School Survival Boot Camp will be hosted in Vinton County, Ohio May 14-16 2021.

It will be three days of interactive survival homestead courses, chat with an expert and live demonstration mini courses, at least three off-site training and immersion experiences at the On Guard Defense self-defense training range, Raccoon Creek Outfitters boating and kayaking and the Secrets of the Amish Tour.

Old School Survival courses at On Guard Defense will include firearms training, archery, and Krav Maga classes at both beginner and advanced levels.

Learning water safety and boat skills for folks who plan on using a bugout boat in a SHTF event at Raccoon Creek Outfitters, as well as both hands-on experiences and demonstrations by local Amish to share how land and animals are worked in an off grid situation.

Camping at the fairground and Raccoon Creek Outfitters, as well as camping at cabins at the two in-county state parks and private operators will offer ample space for the attendees to stay.

Tickets will be capped at an as of yet undetermined amount to ensure the presenter / instructor, and immersion event ratios remain small enough that every who comes to learn or hone their survival homesteading skills will receive personalized attention.

Those are about all of the set in stone details that I can share for now. The planning for the Old School Survival Boot Camp is in full gear, though.

You, my dear Pack members, are the first to know about it outside of our tribe and event partners. Soon, the event website will be up with full details and media showcasing each trainer, demonstrator, and event.

Now is your chance to share what you would most enjoy and learn from at interactive survival homesteading boot camp and help steer the direction of the topics that will be offered on both beginner and more advanced levels. Fill up our comments sections with ideas on what your dream self-reliance weekend would look like.

This Week’s Questions

  1. What class would you get the most out of at a weekend survival event and what would you like to learn during an interactive session?
  2. What class would newbie survival homesteaders or preppers benefit from at a hands-on boot camp?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

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