What Are You Watching On TV While Under Stay-At-Home “Orders”?

Many are under so called “stay at home” orders within their State or region.

We’re likely looking at a long period of time.

Many who are staying at home are utilizing “outlets” to keep them busy. Me included.

I have plenty to do on my homestead. Lots of projects. Many priorities have been shifted to be better prepared for this unfolding situation.

There’s lots of “work” to be done.

However, we all need outlets. Escape. It helps to balance (to an extent) with life’s pressures and stresses.

Given the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation, my question today is this…

What TV shows, movies, documentaries, whatever… are you watching these days to “unwind”?

I’ve read reports how the internet is under stress because so many are at home and “online”. Lots of people stream content via ROKU, Amazon Prime, Netflix… CableTV, DirecTV, whatever you might have as a entertainment input to your home. Have you found any particularly enjoyable media to watch?

Maybe some of you are watching movies, shows, or series that you’ve seen before – because you enjoyed it “way back when”… Others may be discovering new media entertainment that they like.

In the spirit of lightening the conversation (Coronavirus and all…), while seeking “outlet” in the genre of TV viewing, what do you recommend – or are enjoying yourselves? Any favorites?

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