Iran’s Military Satellite | Is It Loaded With a Nuclear EMP Weapon?


Iran said on Wednesday it successfully launched the country’s first military satellite into orbit…

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps said the satellite “Noor”, or “Light”, was orbiting 425 km (264 miles) above the earth’s surface.

Should we be concerned about Iran’s recent satellite launch?

After all, their hatred towards the US is well known, right?

One wonders what might be on that satellite. We all know that Iran has been working on nuclear technology for many years, and have likely collaborated with North Korea over that time as well.

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Iran Satellite Tracks Right Over The United States

MSB regular, ” Anony Mee ” posted this morning:

From Dr. Peter Pry


The first successful launch of a military satellite by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a state-sponsored terrorist organization.

The trajectory shows passes over the US so far, from the south to the north, orbiting over the US from our “blind and defenseless side” where there are no BMEWS radars or NMD interceptors.

Altitude about 265 miles, if nuclear-armed for EMP attack the field could cover all of contiguous U.S.

See this site for the Nour satellite’s trajectory and current location –

I just so happened to look at the following track over the USA for 4/26,

Seems potentially ominous.

Note: Due to the trajectory of this orbit, tracks will spiral around the globe and shift over a bit each pass. Though eventually covering the same ground later on. Repeat. (Unless they have the mechanisms onboard to alter the orbit)


I haven’t talked about EMP in awhile. Maybe time to reconsider.

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What a “perfect”? time to let one loose over the US, while reeling from Coronavirus?

Though my instinct and reasoning has difficulty accepting the notion that they might do this, one thing we do know is how much they wish to destroy us. How do we know? How about all those times we’ve heard “death to America” “the great Satan”?! Who ever said that their decision making would/will remain logical or sane?

Anyway, just putting it out there as one more thing to consider as we go about our preparedness actions.

Got a Faraday Cage?

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