Should The Federal Government Bailout States?

money dropped from helicopter

The money that’s getting thrown around is astounding.

The Wuhan virus is turning out to be a financial panacea for horribly run Blue states and cities. A remedy. A cure all. Federal money (our money) to bailout the indiscretions of poorly run or corrupt cities and states? Yes, it’s beginning to look like it…

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that California is the first state to receive federal dollars (up to 10 BILLION). Oh wait, ahemm… it’s a “loan”. Yeah right. Okay sure. They’ll pay it back.

And how about this… Illinois, arguably the most corrupt financially bankrupt state in the country (can you say, “Chicago”?) is in on it too. “The U.S. government also has approved loans of up to $12.6 billion for Illinois”

It doesn’t stop there. Connecticut is in for a cool 1.1 BILLION.

Oh, and this money will be used to pay for “unemployment” (where’s the oversight?)

Helicopter Money

But wait, that’s not all… evidently there’s more money about to be helicoptered.

The federal government is working on a second “stimulus” of which it remains to be seen how much more money will go to State bailouts, more checks to the locked-down people, and God knows whoever else gets in on the action…

Listen. This stuff gets my blood boiling. They shut us all down (rather than selective regional targeting). They lock us in our homes. Order our businesses closed. Parks closed. The outdoors is apparently closed in some states! It’s all across the board. THEN, these corrupt political-bureaucratic governmental bodies put their hand out to the federal government to bail them out after having shot themselves in the foot? What a bunch of morons. And we let them control our lives?

What a sweet opportunity it’s going to be for the especially blue-operated States and cities to potentially bailout their pensions and other such decades-long overspending under the guise of Wuhan virus stimulus monies. And the sheeple will just shut-up and take their medicine.

I continue to be beyond amazed at the extent to which we can spend BILLIONS and TRILLIONS in the blink of an eye – with no apparent repercussions. What’s our national debt now? WHO CARES! It’s all a big joke.


Please, Uncle Sam, please send us each a check for a MILLION DOLLARS would ya? Come on man… gimme some! I WANT MY FAIR SHARE!!

End of Rant.

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