Tell Me What This Pendant Is – That Melinda Gates Is Wearing

Is Melinda Gates wearing a satanic upside-down cross pendent?

Okay, am I seeing things? Melinda Gates recently on the Today Show appears to be wearing a upside-down cross around her neck. This looks to me like some sort of satan worship, correct?

Close examination shows the pendant is NOT flipped over, the chain is clearly supporting the upside-down part of the cross in a natural way.

There does not appear to be an optical illusion such that the longer side (of the cross shape) is a distortion. It appears to be clear as day that this is an upside-down cross pendant – with some sort of (red rubies?) around it.

Evidently Gates has not responded to inquiries about this as of yet.

Why am I bringing this to your attention? Well, the WHO, The Gates, are global power-players. And the Covid-19 situation is part of it. I have read some pretty horrible things about all this (them, and others in their sphere). And having seen this today, my eyebrow raised to the extent I had to post the picture for your input…

There are pictures all around the internet now (at least until Big Tech pulls it all down on their platforms). Here’s another one I grabbed:

Here’s another observation. Recently the Gates (first noticed with Bill Gates) are often wearing pink these days. As though their PR people wish to project a softer gentler persona, due to the present controversies surrounding the WHO and agendas thereof. I see Melinda in this interview wearing pink as well…

So what do you make of this?

It seems nuts – but it’s certainly in your face when you look, right?

Maybe buy yourself a real cross pendant instead…

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