You Better Take A Longer View Of Preparing Because Day One Is NOV-3

Election Day November 3, 2020

It is going to get real during the evening of November 3, 2020 as votes are counted. Election day. There are going to be LOTS of very unhappy people the morning of November 4.

This election is like no other. The divisions are so terribly deep. Either outcome will not be accepted by the “losers”. And in my view, it’s going to get real bad, regardless.

First, let me explain my position for the sake of clarity. I do not like the fact that our nation is run by two political parties, which in many ways are the same (2 sides of the same coin). Though in other ways they are not. It is what it is. I have personally lost much faith in our so called leaders and representatives. They are nothing more than “the face” of a largely corrupt underlying system – some call the deep state. It gets dark and ugly down that rabbit hole. But again, it is what it is. I prefer a minimalist approach to government and their duties. I am more of a Constitutional type (keep it simple, the Constitution is not seemingly complicated). However we have devolved into heaping piles of laws and regulations of which we’re probably breaking one right now without realizing it… but I digress. To an extent I’m more a Libertarian, perhaps a combination of things. I do not identify with Republican or Democrat. However it’s often a choice of lesser evils.

Why you should take a longer view of preparing

Okay, having said that, here’s what I mean about “you better take a longer view of preparing”.

I had been intending to wait until we’re a bit closer to begin discussing issues regarding election. However I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and a recent comment on the blog nudged me into it…

I think most are missing the 800 lb gorilla in the corner…The Election will solve nothing…Day One of America-In-A-Bosnia-Type-Civil-War is Nov 3…

No matter who wins…Dims Will Not accept another 4 yrs, with all the attached judgeship’s and prosecutions.

Conservative Citizens CANNOT accept anybody they choose to run…we would all be in the camps in 6 months.

America cannot survive a year…. Once everyone realizes that and takes a longer view of preparing, the better the chance of individual survival…

Wake Up Everybody…Day One is November 3,2020

~ MSB commenter

Regardless of Outcome | Half the Population Will Freak Out

All you need to do (if you’re anywhere near or on the “right” side of the political spectrum) is look at how intensely and constantly the mainstream news media (and the dems and embedded deep state) have been attempting to ruin Trump since NOV-2016. If he happens to win the 2020 election, I cannot even begin to fathom the insanity that will ensue from the MSM, the dems, and the deep state. Actually, I can. It’s going to be bad.

If you happen to be left-leaning (or further), you know how viscerally you hate Trump. It’s beyond disgust for you. You hate the man. There are many just like you out there. Perhaps even the majority, given that most young and middle-aged are indoctrinated into the America-hating left. You people are going to go absolutely batshit crazy if he wins again. Cities will burn. Suburbs will burn. The emotion of a Trump win will be so overwhelming, many or most of you are going to lash out in yet unknowing ways.

Lets flip the table… If Biden wins and Trump loses. Rigged election? Either way, any thinking person knows that Biden isn’t going to be running the country. He may not last that long either (sad to say). It will be whoever is the VP, following the marching orders of the-powers-that-be. Additionally, if Biden wins (or not), there’s a chance the Congress may swing further left. If the left gets the trifecta, it’s going to be very, very bad for those on “the right”.

There will be sweeping and shocking changes with “the left” in power at this juncture. You who are on “the right” can surely imagine what they’ll do. First of which will be to disarm the threat. The threat being YOU. The consequences of that will be a bloody fight. Something I do not wish to see. However if the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed… (said Thomas Jefferson)

Use These Summer Months

I could write on for thousands and thousands of words on this. However there’s time left for plenty future article discussions. My reason for putting up this topic is to encourage you to prepare specifically for the results following November 3, 2020. Either way, it’s going to be a rough ride. And then if you factor a resurgence of COVID during that time (be it real or stretched by the MSM), it’s going to exacerbate the problems even further.

So use these summer months wisely.

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