When The New Left Takes Absolute Power – They Will Exact Revenge

Bluffdale data center( massive NSA data center in Utah )

I’m not kidding. I believe if the New Left gains the presidency this November, they are going to punish those who opposed them. As you well know (or should know), Big-Tech, and more concerning, the NSA, know all about each and every one of you. Your data has been sucked up and we have all been profiled for many, many years. Evidently there’s a trove of data and information about us – that could possibly be used against us – in a different America.

What do I mean by that? Well, it is my opinion that these powerful people will want revenge for our opposition. In my view, they are not nice people. Quite the contrary. They will push through a tidal wave of “fundamental change”. And if you don’t bow down to it, you’re gonna pay… Just look at what’s happening across America as we speak. How many on our side are getting beat up, mocked, spit on, cancelled, on and on… Now just imagine if they actually get absolute power. You think they’re going to play nice all the sudden?

A President Surrounded By Anti-Capitalists/Marxists/Globalists

And just imagine a president surrounded by anti-capitalists/Marxists/globalists with clearances to mine this vast information storage[1] to destroy anyone they see as a threat to them reaching their goal of “fundamentally transforming America”……………….

That data bank (described below) represents power. Power over men’s souls…….and with that power……….I shudder at the thought.

~ Dennis

[1] From a former NSA operative:

I was an NSA operative and intercept operator for several years.

For a very long time the NSA has been electrically recording the entire electromagnetic spectrum of this planet. Every day. Every where. And, keeping it.

As a matter or routine, we used artificial scanning programs to filter through, roughly, 80% of all coast to coast communications and 100% of all incoming and outgoing communications to the U.S.. If this system became excited by something, it would record the transmission from that point onward, and call the attention of a human operator. If the operator became excited, all parties to the transmission would be recorded, their link locations established, any voices/data recorded, analyzed, and identified. Finally, from that moment onward, the system would automatically target these links and voices and trigger alerts and record any new links and voices occurring in the target environment.

If your voice has been recorded and targeted, the system will find you on every PAST recording in storage and trace your locations and establish new contacts and new links to target…as well as any NEW communications of yours it finds..no matter what link you use.

Naturally, your cell-phones and internet usage would now be monitored 24/7, including your present location, and recorded and kept. Virtually, nothing you ever say, or write, using electronic means is ever “forgotten.”

If you become very interesting to mission goals, other assets would them be applied to you.

Before Carter, this is how we kept the bad people out of the country, save on very rare occasions. But, these “bad” people were not criminals, such as drug smugglers, and such. They were concerns of National Security, and, if we acted against them, they never saw a public courtroom, or much of anything again.

If this kind of data is abused by criminals, and is magnified by other technologies…well, let your imagination run amuck…you still will, most likely, not come very close to existing capabilities.


I have a countdown (to the election) timer on my homepage. You better be using what time you have left to get ready. The United States is in a Perfect Storm setup. We will likely be looking at a Great Depression II, a hotter Civil War, potentially massive social disruption and chaos, tyrannical splinters of governments, more Covid fear, worse shortages, a failing currency, and only God knows what else. No doubt there’s a black swan or two in our near future…

I can’t pinpoint why I have such a bad feeling about this. But I just do.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

End of Message.


Years ago, particularly after Edward Snowden blew the whistle on some NSA programs, I went on a mission to research the extent of NSA spying and data collection. I was stunned by what I uncovered – AND what Snowden had to say. If such a powerful entity is used for political power and/or other nefarious purposes, we’re in big trouble. I have no clue as to the “politics” within the NSA. But just look at what Obama did with “his” agencies (and FISA unmasking) during his presidency… (will anyone go to jail for all that? – Hahaha ya right…). The next New Left president will make what Obama did look like a choir boy. Watch out…

In my view, the time is long overdue for the Patriot Act, and now the Freedom Act, to go away. Notice the patriotic words? It’s a guise. When we give up freedoms, they are not regained without a fight. Not sure there’s much fight left for most Americans who are content to accept their new fundamentally changed America.

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