What I Did To Prep This Week: November 15th 2020 – November 21st 2020

Hello Pack. I hope you all made it through another chaotic week in American history. We still don’t know who will be standing at the presidential podium on January 20, 2021 as of this writing – and I would be willing to be both my dog and my horse that we will not know the answer to that question before the end of the year … at least.

Our Ohio governor is being called a tyrant more and more over mask mandates, gathering rules that defy common sense, and have a myriad of exceptions, and threats of yet another shut down. We have gone down the rabbit hole since the supposed two week shut down to that first began all this insanity way back in March.

Ironically, the unprepared masses that would have mocked the concerns of preppers like us about pandemics, food supply issues, rising food prices, and government overreach that felt like a Jack boot on our necks during a pandemic we ever so eager to embrace every freedom snatching order as they rushed out for toilet paper in full panic mode.

I have never donned a mash since this all began and do not intend to. At last count, there were a little more than 900 pandemic patients in all of the hospitals across Ohio. That is far fewer than hospitals see every year at one time during the height of flu season.

For that, even if those statistics are actually valid, the entire state would be shut down and everyone has to strap a thin piece of cloth to their faces to prevent germs from wafting into the air.

Squeeze a squirt bottle filled with water into one of those masks and then tell me they actually offer any real protection. I just don’t buy it, not at all.

I am not opposed to anyone who wants to “mask up”, wear double masks like Joe Biden, or heck, even through a plastic face shield on top of all that cloth from doing so, but the government forcing everyone to strap one on when they step outside of their house … no sir, not gonna do it.

In spite of all the insanity swirling around in the outside world, we kept on with our usual preps this week. As you can see from the feature photo, I spent some time in the woods with the grandkiddos. We did a forest school lesson scavenger hunt style to hone their orienteering skills. The hunt culminated with a sack full of goodie for a little picnic and story time along our favorite trail.

In other preps, we did our fall garden clean up, bought a greenhouse kit, and are getting it assembled to add to our seed starting and non-native crops in containers growing efforts.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. What do you think about the various mask mandates across the country? Are people complying in your state?
  2. What do you think of the non-prepper response to the pandemic?
  3. How are you preparing your children and grandchildren to be as independent, and self-reliant as possible?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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