SCOTUS Scuttling The Ship – Where Do We Go From Here?

“Where we go from here?” said a MSB commenter reacting to the SCOTUS ruling last evening on the Texas multi state lawsuit of this egregious voter fraud.

Answer: It is quite clear at this juncture. “Biden will be installed”.

A few thoughts to get off my chest this morning:

Despite other ongoing court challenges, the cabal has, and will, stop at nothing to rid this popular outsider.

As I reflect on all that has happened in the swamp these past four years, and the fact that no one has “paid” for their criminal / treasonous actions — it proves how badly we’re F’d. The deep state swamp and the globalist cabal really do control the world.

2016 – 2020 was an unexpected hiccup on their timeline.

The swamp will win. The rule of law, in essence, is over. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that swamp creatures are exempt.

The Constitution is just for show.

The Republic is finished.

In what form or forms will our fractured nation evolve over the upcoming months and throughout 2021 and beyond? I can (and do) speculate what’s going to happen. I’ve written about a Harris/Biden administration many times. They are clearly the Trojan Horse puppets of the globalists psuedo-Marxist agenda. Read your history. It will provide clues.

Barring a miraculous comeback, this SCOTUS ruling has demoralized all other efforts. State legislatures and other courts won’t have the stones to resist.

Monday the electoral college does its thing. December 14th.

Noon, January 20th it’s etched in stone.

They will begin reading their lists. The full force of the Deep State will seek its revenge. They will begin to implement what they intended to do with the HildaBeast puppet four years ago – but were delayed…

I’m not in the mood to sugar coat it. I do not know the extent of retribution that will be placed upon patriots for having spoken out. I do know that Big Tech made a big move on Dec. 4th and will continue to in-effect shut down our voices. Who knows how much longer sites like mine will remain standing.

I will continue to voice my observations and opinions as Marxism takes hold here in what was once the land of the free — The United States of America — as we traverse into the “Global Reset”. At least, so long as I have enough support to do so.

End of Message.

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