What I Did To Prep This Week: February 14th 2021 – February 20th 2021

Hello Pack, I hope you have all stayed warm during this miserable week of winter weather. As I write this column we are officially just 29 days away from spring – oh glorious spring! Staying warm and being grateful that we have a robust wood stove that keeps us that way was quite a blessing this week, that’s for sure.

I know we are going to go from snow and ice to absolute mud once all of this starts melting next week, but at this point I would love to be dealing with mere mud and not sliding around on ice and having snow halfway up my calf in some places.

There was very little outdoor prepping on our survival retreat this week. Other than trying to keep our farm road passable by ATV or a staunch 4-wheel drive vehicle and daily critter feeding in the barnyard, we remained primarily inside.

Our daughter’s new home site prep has slowed to a crawl with all of this bad weather. She really hates having already signed herself into years of debt when the loan was approved and still has her modular house sitting an hour away on a lot.

Hopefully, the weather breaks soon as it is supposed to and work can resume on widening the creek entrance so it can get through as soon as the well digging also gets to finish.

More seed buying and garden planning was on our self-reliance agenda this week. I want to add to my medicinal herb and root apothecary substantially this year. My Bobby had gout this past week horribly bad in one foot. I used turmeric, ginger, and dandelion root along with elderberry and moringa to help him.

We also did foot soaks in garlic and apple cider vinegar with a shot of distilled white vinegar. I am not sure what part of all my home remedies did the trick, but he was walking mostly normal after two days – a record for when he gets gout!

Our family doctor keeps saying he is learning a lot from my natural tips and tricks – although he still shakes his head at a few of them.

Most of the rest of our prepping this week has revolved heavily around getting ready for the Old School Survival Boot Camp. I have met both online and over the phone some amazing new and seasoned preppers from all around the Midwest.

I am really enjoying getting to know so many like-minded folks and looking forward to a whole weekend of hanging with other preppers come May.

My prepping mentors, Rick “Survivalist Gardener” and his lovely wife, Survivor Jane are graciously going to SKYPE into the boot camp and be the keynote speakers. If weather permits, everyone is going to get a virtual tour of Rick’s famed survival garden after I set up a huge projector screen on the stage.

I do not like to rush time, it passes so quickly anyway, but I cannot help but wish it was time for camp right now.

It has definitely given me something to look forward to after all this bad weather everyday, and getting frustrated every night watching the news, and wishing our country was not in distress after the election.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Has the pandemic and all the turmoil brewing in our republic caused you to change your prepping plan for the coming year?
  2. Do you grow an apothecary patch with healing herbs as part of your medical prepping plan? What are your favorite things to grow and how will you use them?
  3. What did you do to prep this week?

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