TOPENS Gate Opener for Security

TOPENS Gate Opener for Security

TOPENS AT12132S Solar Dual Swing Gate Opener Heavy Duty Automatic Gate Motor for Double Swing Gates Up to 18ft per Arm, Electric Driveway Gate Operator AC Powered with Solar Panel Remote Control Kit

Batteries (2) Redodo 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Group 31, Built-in 100A BMS, Max.1280W Load Power, Up to 15000 Cycles & 10-Year Lifetime, Perfect for Solar Energy Storage, Backup Power, RV, Camping, Off-Grid

Do you want one arm to "push-to-open", and the other "pull-to-open"? If so, the arm wiring for "push-to-open" installtion is different from the "pull-to-open". The arm wiring for "push-to-open" installtion should be as follows. The black wire should be inserted into the Motor+ terminal, the red wire should be inserted into the Motor- terminal, the yellow wire into ULT1 terminal, the blue wire into DLT1 terminal and the green wire is still into COM terminal. use installtion manual.

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